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Our Vision

Revolutionise Employment Health

Our Story

Sample Assist™ is an innovative Australian medical technology start up.

Our MedTech story began 35 years ago when Sample Assist’s founders entered their respective medical and technology careers.

Zoom forward to today and it was this unique fusion of medical and technology experience that led to the formation of Sample Assist.

The company was established to solve a single question: how can we protect the privacy of the patient and make the collection of biological samples more secure, efficient, faster, and safer?

Sample Assist was our answer to that head-scratching question – an integrated digital sample collection solution that brings together patients, collectors, collection centres and laboratories in a single secure online platform.

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Our Mission

Creating Safe and Secure Digital Workplace Health Solutions

Our Market

At Sample Assist we focus on the collection of biological samples.

To date, the Sample Assist Platform features three digital sample collection processes:


  • Onsite Rapid Urine Drug Screening

  • Onsite Breath Alcohol Testing

  • Collection Centre Chain of Custody Drug Urine Laboratory Samples

For now, we are exclusively focusing on the Australian drug and alcohol testing market. We are, of course, always looking at new markets and new sample collection processes we can develop. If you have any ideas get in touch as we’d love to hear from you!

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Our Values

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  • We value, embrace and pursue daily the development of life-changing medical innovation.


  • We believe in making the world a better place by applying the latest technology to medical procedures that improve people’s quality of life.


  • We recognise that patient safety, privacy and security are paramount and are top of mind in all that we do at Sample Assist.


  • We value and recognise the incredible importance of medical tradition, knowledge, and experience created over the centuries by the many doctors, nurses, health workers, and specialists, all working to keep us safe

  • We recognise and believe in the transformative power of technology when used wisely in improving patient outcomes. We also recognise the role technology can play in reducing pain, improving quality of life, and saving us all valuable time by making procedures quicker and more efficient.

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